Our Customers

Really Trucks® has a diverse customer base that varies from auction companies requiring daily bulk transfers to one-off collections of unusual vehicles. Our coverage is nationwide, so while we’re based in the West Country we transport weekly to Scotland.

The majority of our work is in subcontract bulk vehicle transfers – for customers such as car auctions, dealerships, fleet and leasing companies and vehicle importers/manufacturers. For example we provide weekly collections and deliveries for British Car Auctions, and handle all Renault UK platform cab movements from dock to factory to customer.

Our customers include:

Renault UK, Vauxhall commercial vehicles, Fiat professional, Geffco, CAT UK, STVA, British Car Auctions (BCA), Manhiem Auctions, Lex Autolease, British Airways, Sue Ryder, Millbrook Proving Ground, Fire Service, Police Service, Ambulance Service, Ministry of Defence.

While most of our movements are under a ‘managed trucks’ contract, we also provide one-off services that have included delivery of ice-cream vans, Trucksmith® LoLoader™ vans and camper vans through to the more unusual loads such as film and TV vehicles. If it has wheels, it’s likely we’ve moved one!

Typical logistical operations for us include:

  • Ports and storage compound collections.
  • Bulk vehicle delivery to car auction sites.
  • Bulk vehicle transfer between car and van dealerships.
  • Vehicle distribution for leasing and car hire and van hire companies.
  • Corporate fleet transfer.
  • Classic car and covered car transportation.
  • One-off special load transfer.



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